A Dickens of a Murder!

A Dickens of a Murder

Join us in the 2017 Holiday Season for A Dickens of a Murder!
A deadly — yet comical "twist" on a well known tale…

The Curse of Pirate Island: A Cutthroat Murder!

The Curse of Pirate Island

Sail the High Seas with a band of pirate cutthroats in search of a legendary treasure. You'll meet the likes of "Shanghai" Ned Brisco of Madagascar, Francis "Frankie Five Angels" Butler from the Barbary Coast, and the mysterious TLV from Tortuga. What does Sadie the washerwoman have to do with any of this?
What about Captain "Calico Jack" Termain — didn't he really solve the cryptogram?
Who will dare to find out and set sail with him or will someone be MURDERED?

Dress like a pirate and join in our Costume Parade!

A Monster Murder: "They Came From Below!"

In 1954, throughout the desert in New Mexico there have been a series of unexplained deaths. The minimal data sent to the FBI in Washington has brought two scientists, Dr. Braintree & Professor Medford, to the town of Radium Springs — with a most startlingly theory!

Wildcat Drilling! Lost Gold Mines! Entomologists! — What is going on here?
Dress like a 1950's scientist!

The Bernice Murders

The Bernice Murders

Get ready for another trip on the Countess Luxury Line cruise ship! This year’s destination: the Wiki- Tiki Lounge in O'ahu, as special VIP guests for the long- running Eddie Melvin show! Join the THREE polyester- clad Bernices, ships' captain, Cappy Catalina and show biz favorite, Eddie Melvin, for our latest Murder Mystery summer spectacular!

Tropical and Luau Attire is recommended … so get out your Hawaiian shirts!
OR Dress like Bernice in your favorite Polyester Pant Suit!

Murder at Haunted Blood Mansion

Murder at Haunted Blood Mansion
It was just 15 years ago that Josiah Blood murdered his young bride, then threw himself from the 3rd story window of Blood Mansion. They say the ghosts of the departed still haunt the Mansion. The police have re-opened the case as a double-murder!!! The original "suspects" are reassembled tonight for their community college reunion, or is it really to find out what actually happen on that terrible night all those years ago?

The Great Mustache Murder

The Great Mustache Murder!
What happens in Copper Valley in 1972, when a hippie commune tries to go commercial and a mustache contest goes terribly wrong?
Come help solve the crime of the "Great Mustache Murder"!

Bootlegger's Revenge

Bootlegger's Revenge … back to the Speakeasy!

After the "problem" at the Speakeasy, Big Al had to find a new location. Be on the lookout for some familiar faces and new suspects.
Join us as the story continues with Bootleggers Revenge … back to the Speakeasy!
Dress in your finest and Gangster and Flapper grab and join the fun!

Murder in the Royal Court

The queen has gathered all subjects and royalty from neighboring kingdoms to announce the engagement of her son, Charles. But, a dark force has entered the castle — against the queen’s orders — and the curse must be stopped! Hopefully, through it all, there won’t be a murder on top of it, but if there is, it will be up to you to help solve the crime! This night of twists-and-turns is not to be forgotten. Be sure and wear your Renaissance garb, if you dare …

A Dark and Stormy Murder

Famous author, J.C. Crate, invites you and a group of others to his newly acquired mansion for the release of his new novel, The Red Hand. We are in the company of Marie, J.C.’s agent, and her identical twin sister, Antoinette, the beautiful socialite. Of course, there’s Chester, the simple-minded groundskeeper who’s maybe not as simple as he seems. Many fans are here tonight, including the president of Crate’s fan club. Perhaps the ritual jars of immortality are at the center of this unusual night. Will mayhem ensue? Will the fierce storm outside leave us trapped with a murderer? Only you, and this cavalcade of guests will be able to solve this creepy caper.

Steam Trunk Murder

Steam Trunk Murder

Steam Trunk Murder
In the midst of the French Revolution, only one thing stands in the way of overthrowing Marie Antoinette's royal court … the British Havensworth Brothers Hat Company. Can the likes of poets, rebels, cricket players, and American fur trappers bankrupt the felt hat industry? Can the British government rewind time, to thwart French rebels? Find out in "Steam Trunk Murder " … a blend of fantasy, history, and revolution!

Wear your "Steam Punk" garb to this one!

Holidays 'R' Murder

Holidays 'R' Murder

Holidays 'R' Murder
Come solve the most hilarious crime of the century, when the Cringle Family performs their usual kooky antics during their traditional annual holiday party, when suddenly, a murder occurs! It's up to you to solve the case!

Wear your favorite ugly sweater!

Paranormal Murder

1938 — A County Estate in England:
The guests are assembled for a séance to contact the recently deceased, Colonel Alan Faulkner. The Colonel died under very mysterious circumstances, and his daughter, Evelyn, hopes to make contact with him from the great beyond. The séance is being conducted by well-known psychic medium, Lady Margery. Also in attendance are Lady Margery's companion, Giles Conover, Major Duncan-Bleek, a neighbor of Faulkner estate, and well-known American magician, Harry Douhini. Be on the lookout for a famous detective — in a deerstalker hat!

Murder at the Luau

Murder at the Luau

As passengers traveling on the Countess Luxury Line cruise ship, you are invited to an exclusive Luau on "Luau Larry's" Private Island and Tropical Paradise in the South Pacific. However, things take an unlikely turn and you are swept-up in a MURDER! With a cast of unsavory suspects … this is sure to be the crime-solving hit of the summer!

Tropical and Luau Attire is recommended … so get out your Hawaiian shirts!

Murder in Dead Man's Gulch


The setting is "Dead Man's Gulch". Buckhorn Bob, "the greatest promoter of all times", is hosting his fund-raiser-talent-search at "Lilly Rose's Saloon and Dance Hall"—and you can bet that spells E-X-C-I-T-E-M-E-N-T! In addition to Buckhorn Bob and the infamous, Lilly Rose—keep your eyes peeled for Molly Brown, the notorious Soapy Smith and Ol' Geezer the miner! Tempers are wearing thin and anything can happen!

Murder at the Speakeasy


Join us for our for Denver's ONLY 1920's Gangster/Flapper Mystery, MURDER AT THE SPEAKEASY! Set in "Big Al's" Speakeasy & Cabaret, where you will meet an assortment of colorful and unsavory characters! Big Al, himself, the head of the whole bootlegging operation, Mae Weist, the "Greatest Cabaret Singer in the World", Fast Eddie, the gunman, Trixie LaRue, cigarette girl and poet laureate, and don't forget Cookie!

Keep your eyes open, they may be up to NO GOOD! And … it's up to you — the audience — to solve this baffling Interactive Comedy "WhoDunnit"!

Costumes are encouraged! — Dress like a Mobster or Flapper … and join in the "Walk of Fame" costume parade!

Welcome to … Murder Mortuary


Dr. Burgess Orlock has just been released after 25 years in prison, for the crime of conducting questionable "medical experiments” at the mortuary. You are cordially invited to the mortuary for the Doctor's "Welcome Home” party!. There are those who would never dare attend such an event due to strange occurrences at Orlock Mortuary. Some say the building is haunted by tormented souls of the dearly departed. But never fear - you are in no real personal danger. In addition to the "good" Doctor, tonight, you'll meet Mrs. Prattle, his cook, Renfeld, embalmer's assistant, grave digger and general henchman, Sebastian Pádell, local investigative reporter and Abelinda Dumont-Asta, well-known party girl. As the party starts, you may ask yourself - Is Murder on the Menu?

Welcome … to Murder Mortuary© copyright 2007-2013 Nick Guida

Murder in Hollywood


Join us on the set, for the filming of a major Hollywood Horror movie where YOU are an "extra" in the "big dining room scene", in Count Dracula's Castle.

You'll meet your favorite stars, Vic Madison and Lola LaMonica. They love signing autographs and posing for pictures with their fans. Watch as rugged stuntman, Buddy Brannen, handles all the dangerous "stuff". Keep your ears open—does screenwriter, Edna Lawrence, have the all "dirt" about this "troubled" production? What about tyrannical film director, C.B. LeRoy; will he be able to keep his temper in check during the shooting of the most important scene in the picture? Don't miss this Blockbuster—this could be your ticket to stardom…provided nothing goes wrong!

Dress like you are going to the Oscars!

Murder on a Harley


1955: The RBMC, a motorcycle club rides into Hollister, California for the annual races. The residents are uneasy, but mostly willing to put up with their visitors. But, trouble starts when first prize is given in the hotly contested "Arden Van Sycle" Motorcycle Rally. As the judges wait for the picture to be developed to determine the photo finish, trouble begins when the winner is announced!

Dress 1950's or in your Motorcycle Leathers …

Murder at an Irish Wake

Murder at an Irish Wake

Mr. Limerick has died and we are there for his wake, with singing and dancing and lots of Irish merry-making.
But, things take a turn for the worse in the middle of the wake, and the next thing you know, you're solving a crime!

Mystery of the Ancient Spell

Leopold Adams is found murdered in his mansion home, two weeks ago, with his Last Will and Testament mysteriously changed. Why did he abruptly hire an attorney, David Dukemeyer, who has knowledge of the spell of the ancient scarbe of Khepri? In attendance for the viewing of the new will are: Natasha, Adams' flashy girlfriend, who seems to have the hots for everybody in the room - including ultra-wealthy Sheik Teak; Archibold, creepy butler with an attitude; and Miss Taken, Leopold's semi-devoted secretary. After your arrival, low-and-behold, another murder occurs and it's up to you to help solve the crime.


The Million Dollar Murder


Your presence is requested at the reading of the will for the recently deceased, multi-billionaire, Senior Meene. First in line for the bulk of the estate, seems to be his only child, Junior Meene. What about Miss Finch, the young wife grieving widow or devious gold digger? Also in attendance are Professor Prune, scientific genius and distinguished allergist; Colonel Dippinsaus, noted adventurer and bon vivant and Mrs. Off-White, domestic servant and accredited psychic. Super Pollen, secret identities and torrid love triangles all contribute to this evenings suspense, mystery and dare we say murder!

Murder at the Improv Club


What happens when you decide to go to go to a super-funny improv comedy show, featuring "Rotten Monkey Corpses" and you’re laughing your head off when, suddenly, a murder occurs? Mayhem and crime-solving — that’s what! Featuring Denver’s top improv comedy performers, this PG show will have you rolling in the isles. Enjoy dinner, comedy and become a Denver detective. Perfect for team-building, office parties, families — just fun!

Death By Chocolate

While on a leisure tour of 'Romantic Bavaria' one of your scheduled stops is at the home of Ruth A. Joy, world famous candy maker and chocolate connoisseur. While there, you witness an auspicious moment in history as three confectioners bring their samples to Ms. Joy for her opinion on their chocolate recipes. Soon, someone ends up dead and you have to solve the crime. Who would do such a 'bitter' deed at such a 'sweet' moment?


Zombie Murder


You, and a select group of people, are hiding in a military bunker, protected from the zombie take-over, when suddenly a murder occurs!
You are called upon to help solve the murder, but watch out – there may be zombies right in this very bunker!
Costumes are welcomed and creepiness is the status quo.
Enter, if you dare …

Red Hot Murder

"A Beauty Pageant Gone Bad!"
You are invited to the first annual crowning of 'Miss High Hat', the highest honor given in the Plaid Hat Society. Join us at the famous Black Top Hat Restaurant and meet the 3 finalists plus other members of the Plaid Hat Society including Freda Fedora the founder of the society, Blackie Baret, and Pinkie Chapote. The pageant is underway when someone turns up dead- who would do such a dastardly deed at a Plaid Hat Society function?! That's where you come in...and solve the crime!


Murder in the Roaring Twenties

It's 1925, and you have been invited to see the amazing English mentalist, Mr. Cliff Worthington in Johnny Bosco's speakeasy club. Keep aware, however, because there may be a murder and you might be called upon to help solve the crime!

Remember to wear your gangster, flapper and other 1920's attire!

The Game's Afoot

image It's 1922 and Big Al has been running the streets for over a decade. Turns out Big Bad Al isn't as invincible as we all thought. His most prized possession, a Gem valued at $40 million dollars, has been stolen! The Police Department has no leads and is looking for top-notch detectives to solve the crime! It will be up to you and your team to find the culprit.

Feel free to wear 1920s "flapper" attire!
A scavenger hunt-like event that is perfect for festivals, merchant associations, and any other free-to-roam events.

High Stakes Heist: an Intimate Parlor Mystery


High Stakes Heist: an Intimate Parlor Mystery

You’re invited to a lecture by a professor who teaches “Criminology and the Psyche of the Criminal Mind”, when suddenly the dinner and the event take a totally different turn. You find yourself right in the middle of a crime investigation and the people next to you may not be who they say they are! This intimate intrigue takes place in Adams Mystery Playhouse’s creepy Victorian dining room, The William Simpson Room. Come delight, if you dare.

WARNING: may be harmful to people who don’t want a night of superior fun; small group comprised of only ten to fourteen people; critical thinking welcomed.

Role Playing Mysteries


Do you have a group of people who love our Comedy Mysteries and would like to get a little more involved in the action? Our one-of-a-kind Role Playing Mysteries are perfect for you and your group! Adams Mystery Playhouse now gives you the opportunity to create a crime, solve a crime and become someone else while doing it. Our Role Playing Mysteries are designed so that every member of your group may take an active role, and play a character in the evening's festivities, to fulfill your expectations for non-stop fun and zaniness. It's the perfect entertainment for your next intimate group gathering or corporate event.

How Does It Work?
We send you brief character descriptions and costume suggestions (we can also provide FULL costumes — for an additional charge) for each guest. Upon entering the room everyone becomes a suspect. One to three of our finest professional actors comes to you to facilitate the entire mystery event, and help guide the mayhem, discover clues and keep the action rolling. Your group will solve the crime and figure out WHODUNIT! With all these unsavory characters in one room. Anything can happen!

    • Who's Got a Clue?
    • Murder on the Gold Dust Trail!

image image image image image

image image image image image

Your guests get character descriptions, dress up in Costumes…

Photos copyright © Studio Kiva

Our Role Playing Mysteries are especially designed for smaller, intimate gatherings of 10 to 20 people thus giving everyone a real opportunity to play a role and be involved!

We can arrange the entire Mystery Dinner Party here at Adams Mystery Playhouse, or come to a venue or location of your choice.

Call us at (303) 462-3400 to book a Role Playing Mysteries
for your next Corporate event, Private Party or Friends and Family Gathering!

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