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"It'd be easy to dismiss the theatrical credibility of their shenanigans. But comedy is hard, and this audience laughed — hard. And the place is regularly packed to a capacity of 130, and not many "real" theaters can claim that."

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When Denverites are looking for something different and fun, it’s no mystery where they often end up — The Adams Mystery Playhouse.

The Adams Mystery Playhouse is Denver’s only full-time murder mystery dinner theater. All of their shows are interactive comedy mysteries with a lot of improvisation and audience interaction, although the specific plots vary with every production.

The Adams Mystery Playhouse has been successful in no small part thanks to repeat customers. Also, the show’s broad appeal — everyone from teenagers on a birthday party to senior citizens on a night out can be found at the playhouse — has helped the playhouse succeed.

Most of the show’s actors are gifted at improvisation and interacting with the audience, which helps people feel like they are a part of a once-in-a-lifetime show.

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Mystery is a friendly diversion
There's nothing new about dinner theater or the improv comedy that fuels the shows. But each season there's a growing interest in answering that one question: whodunit? "It took 20 years to become an overnight success," says Marne Wills-Cuellar, owner of Adams Mystery Playhouse. "Sometimes things take a while. It takes a while for everybody to go, 'Oh wow!'"

While Marne's husband, Carlos Cuellar, oversees the business side of their shows, she writes the scripts and relies on more than 20 actors to bring them to life at Adams Mystery Playhouse. The bulk of the shows feature the cast interacting with the audience spontaneously, whether mingling with them as they enter or getting everyone out of their seats and into a conga line.

"What we're trying to do here is celebrate the creativity of everybody — including the audience members," Wills-Cuellar says.


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The Boulder Weekly

Secret's Out On Local Public Mysteries
Have you ever fantasized of solving a crime or being Inspector Colombo? Death for Dinner is your chance. It's your choice to be an active detective or a passive observer, to become part of the crime-solving team or simply sit back with your after dinner coffee. In any event, it's hard not to enjoy the witty, savvy mostly improvised dialogue of the five actors interacting with the audience. The 2 ½ hour show is presented as a blend of stand-up comedy and old-fashioned theater mystery in true Agatha Christie style.

North Denver Tribune

Murder Mystery Makes For Laughs In Historic North Denver Mansion
Was it Miss Finch in the kitchen with a fork? Or was it Professor Prune with a wire in the pantry? At the end of a rousing evening of interactive dinner theatre at Adams Mystery Playhouse, these are just two of the possibilities for the solution of the "murder" that takes place amongst the dining audience. But solving a crime is nowhere near the only reason to attend "Who Wants to Murder a Millionaire" — a performance that is part theatre, part stand-up variety show and part flashback to the campy Jackie Chan and Hercule Poirot detective stories.

La Voz

Set in a Victorian mansion built in Denver in the 1890's this mystery is not your average production.
Carlos Cuellar, owner of Adams Mystery Playhouse, greeted us at the door. Invited to wander the first floor, we headed for the cash bar and mingled with the actors and guests. You first get a sense for what is in store when players interact with everyone during the cocktail mixer. It doesn't take long to get into the swing of things as you try to figure out who's an actor and who isn't.

Warren Byrne — The Restaurant Show
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"… a rollicking evening of spontaneous insanity that ranges from subtle humor to outright slapstick. Unpredictable, wacky and fun."

Beki Pineda — Front Row Center

"You've seen them in the Theatre Listings for months, Murder Mysteries at … Adams Mystery Playhouse. So I decided it was time to check one out on behalf of our readers and see if they are fun. Hey, guess what?? THEY ARE!"

Patrick Dorn — Daily Camera Theater Critic

"Adams Mystery Playhouse specialize in making sure audiences have a rip-roaring, back-stabbing, hilariously lethal good time. A tip for those considering an evening of interactive mystery theater: It's particularly enjoyable when you go as part of a group of family, friends or coworkers. Just keep a lookout for crazed and suspicious looking actors with over-sized salad forks, or you could end up the next corpus delicti on the merriment menu."

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